Welcome to Geauga County Public Library's Local History Portal. Help us build this living archive that celebrates the life and culture of our county. Let's tell our story together. Submissions to the Local History Portal can include photographs, videos, and oral histories, in either written or audio form. See full guidelines below.

Submission Rules

The submission process is free. You are welcome to submit as many pieces as you want, so long as they reflect the history of Geauga County.

What Digital Content Can I Submit?

We accept photography, videos, audio files, and manuscripts.

Accepted File Formats

Photography: JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG
Audio Files: .MP3
Videos: mp4, mpg, avi, 3gp, flv, divx, webm, ogg
Manuscripts: pdf, epub, jpg, png, gif (gif and png images will be converted to jpg)

Need help digitizing your content for submission? Send an email to Club.Ink@geaugalibrary.net and we will find a way to assist you!